Zero G Ma. K. bay 1/20th scale

Genesis. Laying out the components.
The Prowler will sit on a raised platform made up from parts (junk) I have been saving for this project.
I will sculpt the pilot, a female sensuously swimming up out of the suit. 

Prowler construction started. Using the old Nitto S.F.3.D kit from the 80's.  Kow YOKOYAMA was the series creator. In the background a S.A.F.S. type R Racoon, a newer variation from Wave. I will use some of it's parts left over from a previous project in the Prowler's construction.

 Splitting the suit. Arms and legs assembled.

Elmer's Carpenter's Wood Filler used on the seams. Water based, it dries fast.

Detailing the interior. Thickening the upper arms.

Elmer's to fill in the front upper body.


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