Italeri's M4A3E8 "FURY" on ODG Studios Trench groundwork base. Tamiya and DML figures used. The scene to be a prelude/prequel to the Brad Pitt movie.

The Italeri "FURY" kit. Not exact with detail but usable. Case in point, in the movie the M4 has 4 cans of .50 cal ammo as external stowage. Instead the kit provides 2 cans of .30 cal ammo (not used).

A rather simple kit. Not up to today's stand but serviceable.

The few areas I was willing to upgrade.

To match the colors of the movie vehicle I first based the model in Model Master dark brown then stippled field gray (Hammered Iron from Delta Ceramcoat).

Delta Ceramcoat and Apple Barrel craft acrylics used for the black camo stripes and weathering.

Adding the exterior stowage.

The master of a groundwork base I had made for ODG Studios. 15in. x 7in. x 3 1/4in..

The parameters of the design were dictated by ODG Studios. This accounts for it being larger than I would have made for myself.

The trolley tracks and foundations for street lamps or electric poles were added to allow the base to be used with Minart's Tram kits.

A resin skinned expanded foam casting of the base. Preliminary placement of the diorama components.

I spent two days painting the base. I had designed it to paint easily and quickly.

A Tamiya figure modified as a BAR man. Super Sculpey (gray acrylic paint mixed in) used to bulk him up and to add detail. An old Tamiya lamp post added (shaft lengthened).

A DML officer figure modified into a surrendering Waffen SS officer. The belt buckle and Iron Cross are from the old Squadron accessory set. The map case from Master Box. The pistol holster from Tamiya.

More figure placement determination.

The enlisted men came from DML's ''Fallen Comrade'' set. Their heads were repositioned and they were painted as Waffen SS.

Determining additional figure placement to fill the dead space in front of the tank. This shot shows the lengthened shaft for the lamp post. This was accomplished by cutting the shaft near the top and adding a length of sprue from it's kit. Filing was needed for the contour.

Still working on figure placement.

The remaining GIs are painted and repositioned. Some accessories painted and added to the trench. The ladder was made from styrene.


Finished photos 3-31-17




  1. Awesome build. I love it. Awesome detail and weathering. Love the diorama.