ALIEN vs Ma. K.

Building a bio-mechanical deck for an ALIENS vs Ma. K. vignette.

A pack of Super Sculpey oven baked clay. Left in the shape it is boxed in one level is curved and cut to fit the base. The base is an interior part to the end cap of a TOW missile launch tube.

The fourth ''rod'' inward is removed and the last inward two ''rods'' have their separation gap filled with clay.

Surface detailing begins to represent old bio-mechanical. Sharp rocks serve as sculpting tools to distress the surface.

Close-up of the surface texture.

Adding detail and shapes to the basic shape.

More detail...

...and more detail.

The deck almost finished. A few clay logs standing in for "eggs" as I determine layout.

Next the feet. Simulating rubber grip soles.

Adding .040 sheet plastic to the bottoms of the feet instead of the pieces provided in the kit.

Using more .040 sheet plastic under the toes and heels.

Beveled .040 strips.

Glued then cut to length and sanded.

More detail

Copper wire wrapped around the poly vinyl power cords supplied with the kit.

The Super Sculpey bio-mechanical deck had not been baked yet. Here it is grafted onto a smaller organic base.

The SAFS figure is eliminated for a less ambitious but tighter design. The modified power cords are also eliminated in favor of armored conduit made from sheet plastic. Hex head bolts come from the kit's sprue, thoughtfully provided for super detailing.

Painting. The figure has been attached to the base via a 1/16th inch brass rod. Attached to the base it will be easier to paint.

The figure was based in Humbrol Tank Gray, the base in black.  Light blueish gray was used for highlights and a dark blue/dark brown wash for shadows on the Ketzer. Dark green, then lighter greens were drybrushed and stippled onto the deck. The wooden base is painted in blues.

Most of the weathering was added before the decals were applied. Decals are a mix of those that came with the kit and tactical numbers from Tamiya.

Finished photos.

The kit's clear canopy was replaced with a smoked one from a Nitto S.F.3.D P.K.A HO.

A monitor was added. Made from a cheap plastic green knife. Lines scribed in using an X-acto knife and circle template. Neon Green craft paint was applied, then wiped off leaving it only in the scribed lines. The paint is very translucent. It was brushed full strength onto the surrounding areas to represent the glow from the monitor screen.

A Dremel was used to eat away the plastic on the right arm's armor plate to simulate acid damage.

Kill markings were hand painted. A face hugger was made from .080 plastic rod filed into shape for the legs and a length of plastic sprue from the kit for the tail.


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