Figure Gallery

A pair of 1/48th scale/38mm figures that I sculpted for "Kapitulieren?". Holsters and Panzerfaust from Tamiya. See   Paul Keefe - My Work: "Kapitulieren?"

A 200mm Britt of the 65th Foot. A private commission sculpt with finished groundwork .

The Searchers - figure #1, a 120mm private commission sculpt.

The Searchers - figure #2, a 120mm private commission sculpt.

"Bradock's Defeat'', a 120mm private commission sculpt.

Sculpting two 1/48th scale/38mm figures and a log barrier. To be cast in resin.

''Czeslawa'' a 1/20th scale sculpt.

''Czeslawa'' finished in "The Hand That Betrayed her. See   Paul Keefe - My Work: "The Hand That Betrayed Her" - 1/20th scale

Later relocated and modified for "Katz und Maus"

Modified again and given cover. See   Paul Keefe - My Work: "Uberkrote" An excercise in recombinant recycling

''Heidi'' a 1/20th scale bust sculpted for the Gustav project. See   Paul Keefe - My Work: "Die schwarze Witwe'' (The Black Widow)      

"Hitomi" a modified bust for the P.K.A.HO project. See    Paul Keefe - My Work: "Cold Love on a Hot LZ" - Nitto S.F.3.D P.K.A. HO Ma.K.   

A dragon's head. To be cast in resin.

A collapsed trench bunker in 1/35th scale. Super Sculpey was used for 95% of it's construction. To be cast in resin/expanded foam. See  Paul Keefe - My Work: Seelow Heights 1945 - The Road to Berlin

"T-Rex" a 1/48th scale adult female sculpt commissioned by ODG Studios (cast in resin). Later sold to Mad House who marketed it in 1/72nd scale as "The Tyrant Prince" (cast in pewter). Four copies, each painted in different colors and patterns by different artists were on display at Philadelphia's Academy of Natural Sciences back in 1995.
Here in a shadow box titled "Twilight of the Titans"

"101st Spaceborne". A 150mm military sci fi figure I sculpted and sold to Fort Duquesne Miniatures. Cast in resin.

A Super Sculpey nameplate under construction.

"Sturmartillerie Leutnant" a 1/48th scale figure sculpted by Tomas Castano of Cast48. I painted this sample.

"T.A.C.C. Trooper". A 75mm original sculpture. One of my first from twenty-two years ago. It is an original, no copies have ever been made of it.

"Spaceborne" an original sculpture in 75mm scale.

One of my very first sculpts from around 1990. A Warhammer 40k Imperial Commander on a bio-mechanical star ship deck.


  1. really nice stuff you are doing!

    Greetz Florian

  2. Awesome stuff! Inspiring, I do love em sci-fi soldiers!

  3. Thank you. Military Sci Fi is my favorite genre.