"Death of an Army"

Video of this diorama created by  Kasper Fischer of Modellours Workshop

Tamiya's Pz III ausf L in 1/48th scale. I wanted to 'suggest', not represent a large number of figures.


Several sets of Tamiya German figures were needed for the large amount of abandoned infantry equipment. I made the Panzer Totenkopf from Super Sculpey.

Elmer's Wood Filler was used for the snow, and mixed with sand to a clay like consistency for the tank and boot tracks. T-34 track from another kit was used for the impressions.

Styrofoam was used to build up under the higher drifts of snow.

Cheap, thick white acrylic craft paint finishes the snow.

The kit is built mostly stock. Evergreen sheet plastic was used to detail the interior face of the side turret hatch. Generic photo etch brass screen surrounded by a plastic frame covers the air intakes on the engine deck.

The gun straps were made from paper, from the kit's instruction sheet.

The head set comes from a Tamiya figure set.

Cheap white acrylic craft paint was thinned and blended onto the vehicle to represent wind blown snow.

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