Sci Fi Projects

"LA Resistance". A 1/32nd scale groundwork base that I made for ODG Studios to display the Pegasus Terminator Aerial HK gunship.

Pegasus's Aerial terminator on ODG Studios groundwork base. Lights from Voodoo. Lens flares from Photoshop.

A 1/24th scale groundwork base I made for ODG Studios to display Fujimi's Blade Runner Spinner.

...Moebius's Bat Pod on ODG Studios "Exit Ramp" groundwork base.



Modular urban ruins that I had made for ODG Studios.

Designed to be modular, the pieces can be used in conjunction with other sets in the planned series. Here it is shown in a three piece combination. The base piece, the broken ramp, and the wall. Two additional pieces, a meter and a mechanical component are not shown. All, some or none of these components can be used with the base.

Alternate configuration.

An experimental prototype for a Armor Core GAN Sunshine Bazooka round. Evergreen plastic was used for the body and a smoked plastic lens from a Nitto SF3D Gustav used for the nose optics. The exhaust plume is baked Super Sculpey over a length of aluminum tubing.

                                                         Additional rounds in-progress.

                                                         The third and final round.

Highway overpass in 1/72nd scale. A private commission.

A 1/72nd scale mech bay shadow box under construction. A private commission.

Wall mounted large screen video display under construction. An old cell phone is being used. Appropriate graphics to be added later.