Nitto S.F.3D. Prowler/Wave S.A.F.S. "Snow Man" hybrid

I intend to make a micro gravity powered armor bay as part of a base inside the Martian moon Phobos. An object weighing 75 lbs. on Earth will weigh 1 (one) ounce on Phobos.

The old mid 1980s Nitto S.F.3D. Prowler.

Cutting it apart to make it a split suit.

Adding sheet plastic. The arms were latter discarded in favor of better ones from a Wave Snowman.

Filling the inside of the chest with Elmer's Wood Filler.

Wave's S.a.F.S. "Snow Man'' will provide better arms and legs than found in the Nitto kit.

Wave Snowman legs added.

Wave "Snow Man'' (white) and "Racoon" (dark gray) parts added. Cushions (pink) made from Super Sculpey sculpted onto the chest interior. A heat gun is very carefully used to bake the clay on the plastic.
The paper cut-out is of a nude female pilot 'swimming'' out of the suit in near zero gravity.

The laser, now a rail gun, elongated with Evergreen plastic tubing.

Interior detail pieces made from Evergreen sheet plastic and rod.

A mock up. A minimalist yet l think elegant approach to displaying the suit and figure in a zero or low G setting. A repurposed goose neck desk lamp provides a weighted base, and a secure stanchion that supports an overhead hatch and a locking clamp holding the suit in place. Nothing supports the suit's feet giving the vignette more of an in space feel. Need to scratch build an open hatch, a locking clamp and assorted ancillary equipment.

3/16th in. foamboard used for the structure. Elmer's Wood glue used for strength and faster drying time.

The metal tubing of the lamps remains as the real support for the suit.

The foamboard is pinned as the glue sets.

A plastic shelving support will be used as the entry/exit tube into the bay.

The tubing as been cut to length/angle, glued in place and a rough coat of Elmer's Wood Filler applied.

The suit and locking clamp test fitted.

Elmer's Wood filler used to make a cast concrete texture. Styrene used to make additional elements. Brass rod for hand holds.

Concept sketch for the operator.

The operator's wire armature. She will be ''swimming'' in near zero G towards the open hatch.

Test fitting.

Laying on the clay. Super Sculpey with a few drops of acrylic gray paint for a better color that is opaque.




Progress after 2 1/2 weeks.

Painting the structure.

Added detail to the structure.

A dress rehearsal with the figure.

Using Evergreen strips to make fast and east 40mm railgun ammo magazines.

Six magazines to be made.

... and containers to hold them. Roughly patterned on M548 ammo containers.

Though not finished, experimenting with placement.

Handles from aluminum wire and styrene strip.

Styrene strip for a reinforcing strip around the opening.

Making the inner surface of the open box lid.

Inner lid glued in place. Styrene rod piano hinges.


Ammo containers finished.

A rack to hold the ammo containers made from Evergreen channel.

Increasing the height of the structure by 1/2inch (12.5mm).

Detailing the figure's uniform and adding a helmet. A slight modification to the figure's pose. She now leans forward to grasp the hatch's handhold. This necessitated the increase in the structure's height.


Construction complete (for now). Finishing the painting of the structure and equipment. Now painting the suit.

Finishing the suit's interior painting and starting to highlight/shadow and weather it's exterior.


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