"Old Ironsides", Italy '44

Tamiya's 1/48th scale M4A1 of the 1st Armored Division in Italy during 1944.

An ''old timer'' by this point she has faded Earth Yellow camo over an even more faded O.D.base. All painting done by hand. Befitting a 1st Armored M4 of this period, she has no radio antennae or turret roof mounted .50 cal machine gun. The Fallschirmjager souvenir helmet, was cut down from a Tamiya German Army helmet.

The ruins of a farmhouse was made from scratch using styrofoam meat trays and Elmer's Wood Filler. The planks are made from sheet plastic.

The weeds are from hemp rope, given a brown wash.

The wooden box on the M4's 75mm gun barrel was scratch-built for this project from sheet plastic. The remains of a painted out, ringed star can be seen on the turret side.

Tamiya provided the accessories except for the tarp and wooden crate beneath. The crate is from sheet plastic. The tarp is tissue paper stiffened and shaped with Elmer's wood glue. The restraining straps are made from the paper from the kit's instructions.

A Tamiya German helmet and fuel can. The terra cotta shingles are from plastic tubing.


  1. excellent 48th Sherman, you have inspired me to get on with 1/48th scale. I will be visiting this page often

    1. You have given me a very high compliment. Thank you.