Incident at Verneuil - France 1944

A 1/35th scale diorama. An officer has been wounded by sniper fire. As he is dragged to safety he points with his M1 Carbine to the suspected position of the sniper. In the halftrack a Lieutenant directs covering fire with it's .50 cal M2 Heavy Machine Gun as infantry lead by a Sergeant deploys.

A DML kit with fit and detail problems. Sheet plastic is used to scratch build mine racks to replace the molded-in ones provided. The tires had their incorrect bulges sanded out. A better detailed .50 cal MG and .30 cal MG ammo boxes from Academy. Tamiya external stores.

The figures were kit bashed. All heads from Hornet as well as some of the hands. The Lieutenant in the halftrack has a Tamiya body while all of the others are Master Box

The vehicle painted and weathered, all with acrylics.

The cardboard ration box is from Verlinden.

Test fitting figures.

Attaching finished figures.

The two falling figures are pinned to the vehicle's side with brass rod.


The wall was sculpted from Super Sculpey clay.

 The weeds are made from hemp rope.

The tree is a stick. Small branches were made from wire. The larger branch a small stick pinned and glued to the trunk. Everything textured with Elmer's Wood Filler for bark. The roots are also from Elmer's.

The small rocks are small rocks.

Slings for the M1 Girand rifles and the Thompson Sub-machine Gun are plastic strips.

Interior stowage from Academy and Tamiya.

The cooling holes of the .50 cal were drilled out from the sides and also the end. Plastic rod was then inserted.

Photo taken by Mr. Nick Infield at the MFCA.




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