A Wave Corporation 1/20th scale Panzer Kampf Anzug (Armored Fighting Suit) Ausf K-4 "Ketzer" (Heretic), from Kow Yokoyama's Ma. K. zbv 3000 Maschinen Krieger series.

Added a bayonet lens sighting scope from plastic tubing. Separation lines were cut into it using a plumber's tubing cutter. The kit's male pilot is to be changed into a female. This starts with the right eye rescribed into a feminine one.

An early discarded pose, but it showed me that more animation was possible than I had thought.

Using the kit's articulation to determine a new pose.

Keeping the suit's weapon aligned with the sighting scope.

The finalized pose. She sits in the base of an M1 Abrams tank's 120mm ammunition round serving as the figure's base.

Adding feminine details to see if it the modified bust will still fit in the armored suit.

Super Sculpey sculpting clay is used for the modification.

Reference for her uniform. A German paratrooper late in WWII serving as infantry.

The uniform made from Super Sculpey with gray acrylic paint added. This kills the clay's otherwise translucent appearance making detail easier to see.

Detail added to the uniform. An oxygen hose made from copper wire coiled around another thicker diameter length of copper wire.

Checking the fit.

Old paint vs new. I went with the old.

A homemade wet palette.

Pilot almost finished.

A continuation can be found at Paul Keefe - My work: ALIEN vs Ma. K.

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