"Retreat to the Elbe"

Video of this diorama created by Kasper Fischer of Modellours Workshop

Tamiya's 1/35th scale Jagdpanther in a scratch-built diorama. The street barricade is made from wooden dowels and filled with stones.

The building is made from foam core covered with sheets of styrofoam from frozen meat trays. Elmer's Wood Filler is used for the plaster and stucco.

The cobblestone street is also made from styrofoam. A pencil is used to draw the stone pattern into the sheet.

The doors, shutters, and commander are resin castings of ones I made for Farina Enterprises.


  1. Captures a sense of desperation. Placement of rubble like that doesn't come easy. And I'm still amazed at your ability to paint spray painted camouflage without an airbrush. (PS: The video was also outstanding.)

    1. Thank you. The video was done by Kasper Fischer of Modellours Workshop. Painting this model was easier, as it was the last I painted with Polly S paint. It was far superior to today's paint.