"The Hand That Betrayed Her" In-progress photos

Wherever possible I tried to simulate German WW II vehicle details in my design.

Turret optics. Ambient light creates a low red glow within the turret, seen through the damaged headlight housing.

During construction the headlight housing accidentally broke off. Instead of repairing it, I used it, adding a 20mm hit that would have caused the break.

She became front heavy and needed the turret repositioned to the rear to restore balance.

A key and socket were made to allow the weapon's package to elevate and depress.
The 3.7 cm auto cannon has a muzzle break similar to Luftwaffe designs for the same reason. To reduce recoil (so the Uberkrote does not fall down each time the cannon is fired).
The rear mounted IFF dome cover was made from Super Sculpey.

The Nahverteidgungswaffe (close defense grenade launcher).
This photo shows to good effect the cast texture I wanted to obtain. I carefully applied Elmer's Wood filler with a small knife in a thin coat. Then I lightly sanded it revealing air pockets and flaws.
The cast number "701" (taken from a photo of a Jagdpanther) was made from Super Sculpey, baked separately, then glued to the turret.

The targeting laser and how it is illuminated by ambient light.

The lower body.

The front torso.

The engine package. The exhaust deflector grill was used unmodified from an Italeri M4 kit. The tail light is a piece of clear blue sprue.

 The right foot. The replaceable foot treads would be made of rubber and were subsequently painted as such.


Left leg inside.

Left leg outside.

Right leg inside.

Right leg outside.

Right leg outside.

The magnetic anti-tank (mech) mine.


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