"To The Last Round"

Years ago (twenty five?) I was a prolific shadow box builder. Now I no longer have any of them. Recently I came across some photos of the boxes and felt that old familiar itch to build another. I had saved the female figure from "Enemy at the Gates" and am surprised by how well she has held up. She was one of my earliest sculpts and painted with Polly S paints (superior to today's paints).

This was a 75mm scale box of the scratch built interior of a space station (curved floor as in ''2001 a Space Odyssey"). It featured florescent lighting and fiber optics. The powered armored suit in the background was a "PAM-74C  Dunc" of the Gunze Sangyo Dorvack series.

Preparing the project. The figure along with a 1/20th scale Wave S.A.F.S. type R Racoon from Kow Yokoyama's Ma.K zbv3000 Maschinen Krieger series of powered armored suits. Also the now mandatory cat on the work table.

The ''box''. An old Bose speaker attached to a monitor base.

A mock up of the scene. The girls head carefully re-positioned.

I went through several alternate positions for the figures, but felt this had the most drama.

Final refinement of the positioning. I feel this conveys more emotion and drama.

The interior made from foamcore and basswood covered with Elmer's Wood Filler. A blast door made of laminated sheets of styrene.

Working on the interior.

The concrete finished and one coat of white paint applied. The girl now leans back against a blast door. The interior light temporarily installed. Now fitting the powered armor suit.

Ceiling light fixture installed.

Erika's upgrade.

More refinement and enlargement to the exterior, plus the addition of steps.

More refinement and detail to the interior. The Wave kit is painted as Russian. Overall Russian tank green, a white invasion stripe and a triangular tactical decal from a Tamiya 1/35th scale T-34/85. The girl now has a fiber optic eye sight and gun sight.

A little more detail added to the exterior.


The front removed to allow a better photo of the interior. Cotton is used for smoke rising from the end of the gun barrel. Spent casings litter the floor, made from plastic rod.  Ricochet marks added to the walls.

"Erika" alone defending her post. A spent ammo magazine made from sheet plastic on the floor.

Exterior completed.

A ''Blue Max'' medal added. It is a resin casting by ODG Studios. For interest, a fake ground wire added.


A close up of the now Russian Голиаф (Goliath) powered armor suit.



MFCA in Valley Forge Pennsylvania May 21st 2016

Photo by Mr. James Rosado.

Photos by Gregory Zuniga


   Then I revised it.

Modifications and additions as of 8-24-16.

Exterior in focus.

Interior in focus.

Composite as of 8-24-16.



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