StuG IV - Monogram's 1/32nd scale kit

Considering not only building but correcting her. She had at least two previous owners before me. The engine deck came 'modified', so I have to fix that. The fighting compartment is too low, needs to be rebuilt. I really want to use the damaged skurtzen sections.

Seen on the left hand side, Shepard Paine's "TIPS ON BUILDING DIORAMAS" sheet included with the kit. These sheets in general and this sheet in particular inspired me to build dioramas some 45 years ago.

Replaced much of the fighting compartment's superstructure. Enlarged the shot deflector in front of the commander's cupola with Elmer's Wood Filler. Opening the engine compartment air intakes with knife and file.

Assembling the engine deck. Finished opening the air intakes.

Monogram had molded the engine compartment's side vents closed. I cut them open and added .020 styrene detail.

Opening the driver's hatch.

The last time I built this kit was back in the early 1990's.

Here in "Berlin Kaputt!" a multi scale shadow box.


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