Saturday, January 21, 2012

"The Hand That Betrayed Her" - 1/20th scale

Oder River Front 27.4.1959
Wanderung Panzer Division Muncheberg
A troop of Imperial German Uberkrote drones defend a ridge line against the advance of the Polish Second Tank Army from their bridgehead at Seelow Heights.

The Uberkrote is a Wanderung Panzer (walking tank) of the Kaiser's Imperial Army on a parallel Earth. This heavily retouched photo is my first serious attempt at pixel manipulation.

Here the Uberkrote is trading shots with Polish helicopter gunships on the Oder R. Front circa 1960.

I was very impressed by, and studied the photo below to learn how to represent muzzle blasts.

Special effects in this photo were kindly provided by Steven Zaloga.

A heavily modified Nitto SF3D (now Ma.K. 3000)  Krote. Extensive use has been made of Evergreen sheet plastic and tubing. Super Sculpey was used for all cast pieces. The skurzen is retriculated for better protection. A piece of wire was used for a 20mm solid shot round  imbedded in the right knee. It is one of several that peppered the right side of the drone.

The muzzle brake is perforated as in Luftwaffe aircraft to reduce recoil. Aluminum tubing is used for the barrels of the 37mm auto cannon , the 15mm heavy machine gun and gun sight. The grill on the back of the engine deck came from an Italeri M4 Sherman as did all of the olive colored pieces. Blue transparent sprue is used for the brake light.

Czeslawa made from Super Sculpey. Her name means "Honor" or "Glory".

Czeslawa finished in the uniform of the modern Polish Army.

IR module and battle damaged Bosch style head light.

Weapons package. A 30mm auto cannon and 15mm heavy machine gun.

A TOW missile launch tube end cap is used for the base.

Video of this vignette created by Kasper Fischer of Modellours Workshop

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